A week for dogs

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Posted by w0ep on January 27, 2018 at 10:56 am

[Today’s run 6.7 miles in Starkville]

I made my way home from Colorado on Wednesday and Thursday.  The wife had scanned the world for what kind of dog she wanted next and settled on a place in Arkansas that produced big dogs.  Lo and behold, I just happened to be driving through Arkansas.  So now we have a big dog…  really big.

Actually, I attempted to slow this process down hoping for maybe a week of interim no-dog time.  But it seemed kind of silly to have her drive back to Arkansas in a week or two which she was determined to do.  So I volunteered to stop in and see the dog.  And the dog rode on home with me.

The dog looks like a lion.  It’s the color of a lion and that big head, small body look.  It’s head is  bigger around than it’s waist.  Well…. maybe not quite.  It is a retired momma from a breeder of mastiffs.  All I know is that she put up with the trip OK and we’ve been getting along OK at home.  The cat is not so sure he likes having a XXL dog in the house but the last dog was XL so he isn’t completely awed either.

I had to do some serious vacuuming of the back seat of the rental car before I returned it.  She is a bit slobbery and she shed quite a bit, probably accelerated because of nervousness

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