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Posted by w0ep on May 14, 2017 at 8:51 pm

[Saturday run: 5+ miles; Schafer’s Chapel]

I think I am finally getting close to launch on building some kind of transmitter shack for the FM radio station. It has been my goal to do that for a year but I’ve been weighing the options and the costs.

About 10 days ago a guy advertised on online he was selling two used utility poles.  I borrowed the neighbor’s “car hauler trailer”, a 20′ flatbed, and went and bought the poles.  We had to cut them to get them loaded.  I have one that is 25′ long, a short and mostly dried up piece about 6′ long, and two good pieces 15′ and 18′ in length.  When I got them home, I unloaded by tying each pole end to a handy tree (one at a time) and driving forward.

That’s the first time I’ve pulled a trailer with my 93′ Ford truck. It did OK.  I stayed on the back roads and went slow.

I plan to use the 25-footer for my electrical lead in.  I have the 18-footer slated for use as “skids” under my little shed which will be about 8’x8′ with a shed-type roof, a door and a couple of windows.

I did some measuring today for a level spot and I marked that 18-footer for cutting with the chain saw.  But, when I went to use the chainsaw it wouldn’t run.  Opening it up, the fuel lines crumbled all away.  So I have ordered some parts online.  If that doesn’t work, my chainsaw may be too old to fix.  (I’m happily surprised that it worked so well a week ago when I went and got the poles!)

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  • On May 21, 2017 at 8:52 am steve howard said

    Hopefully your poles weren’t as nasty to deal with as the telephone company lineman practice pole that Dad got from Bob Bledsoe that he used for the basketball hoop. It was all chopped up from the ankle spikes and covered with some sort of tar-ry goop that got sticky on summer days.

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