Do what I say, not what I do

[Today’s run: rest day]

I just wanted to point out an editorial that makes a lot of sense to me.  It is by Jeff Jacoby of the Boston Globe newspaper, about the US Senate race going on in Massachusetts.

He points out that the D candidate wants higher taxes on higher income earners, but has declined the opportunity to pay higher taxes herself.

And the R candidate wants lower taxes and more reliance on charitable giving, but gives less then an average amount to charity himself.

In the bottom line, I think that is the reason people overwhelmingly say that our country is headed in the wrong direction:  the people making decisions are not leaders and have very little real moral principle.  They just want to mold the policy in a particular way.   They want to be the ones to twiddle the knobs and make changes.

A related article serves up this quote which encapsulates the problem nicely:

(Candidate) has said that questions about her personal practices are not relevant to the public policy debate. The debate, her campaign has said is “not about funding government through voluntary contributions…but about our values.”

Anyway, the editorial is here.