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Bits and pieces

[Tuesday 5/31: 3.2 miles; Thursday 6/02: 3.2 miles; Saturday 6/04: 2 miles; Monday 6/06: 3.2 miles]

Car project: The neighbor asked me if I would look at his 2007 Civic. They had had a fender-bender and part of the bumper was missing. A bunch of wires were eroded by the tire (this is on the passenger side) and twisted up with each other. So I told him I would work on that.

I was able to splice most of the wiring back together. The windshield washer jug is eroded and the pump is gone. And some of the power/ground lines to the ABS unit were yanked out of the large multi-pin ABS connector.

Now we have some scope creep – the car doesn’t start but it looks like a fuel supply problem. I think the fuel pump is probably bad and I’m looking for a intertial cutoff switch, without success so far.

If we get a step or two deeper then I’ll button it all up and tell him to take it to a shop.

Johnny Depp / Amber Heard

I’ve been somewhat shocked at the anti-Heard stuff coming up on my suggested watch list in Youtube. It looks to me that there is some kind of pro-Depp social media campaign going on.

I have not been watching the trial.

But the bits that I have seen (some of them suggested by these youtube campaigns) have not been complimentary to either party.

I read an opinion post today from the other angle, that Heard losing her case indicates a push-back on the metoo movement and laments that people often don’t believe women who claim abuse, particularly those who can be presented as abusive in some way themselves.

I think there is some validity to that concern.

It seems to me there may be a fairness judgement that people make: a woman who attempts to go toe-toe with an abusive man as an expression of “normal” in their relationship can then lose credibility when it comes time to claim the victim position. She slaps him, he punches her, she shouts abuse… and maybe people don’t come running like she might hope.

I’m not sure what to do about that.

Counting “gun violence” events.

There are various things to say about guns, most of which are said better by someone else.

David French came out with a piece, in a Christianity/Culture venue, about the fetishization/idolatry of guns and I can see his point. Of course that works from both sides… people who are scared of guns because they have black plastic bits are doing something similar. I like to think that if a young father is building a collection of ar-15s at something like $1k each, he would do that after making sure his kids have shoes. One would hope.

But on a different accounting, there were headlines about the number of “mass shootings” over the weekend. In one case 3 people were killed and 11 injured in a big-city downtown two-man shootout outside some kind of drinking establishment. One of the shooters was among the dead and the other among the injured. Does bad marksmanship count as “mass shooting”? I guess I’m making the assumption that the shooters had some sort of focused intention to hit each other. That may be faulty.