November winding down

[Monday 11/15: 3 miles on treadmill; Friday 11/19: 2 miles on treadmill; Today’s run: 4.32 miles @ Bonita Lakes Park in Meridian, MS]

We had an interesting week last week.

Last weekend I spent some time on the porch project, the trim and siding. I’m slow since I don’t do this kind of thing very much.

I am using the ‘hardie plank’ cementeous board stuff from Lowes.

This week was busy. Monday at lunch time we went and got our #3 covid “booster” shot. And that went OK until Tuesday morning when I had a fever and aches and general not-feel-good ness. So Tuesday I ended up sleeping most of the day. Wednesday I was back to work. Thursday was pretty much normal. Friday we got ourselves packed up. Saturday we drove all day to Meridian, MS where I am right now.

I am to work M-W remotely-remotely from our son’s house. Then we have Thanksgiving with him, and head back home next weekend.

Besides the Thanksgiving visit, we had hoped to do some house hunting on this trip. But our renter, and hoped purchaser, apparently hasn’t accomplished the loan pre-approval so we don’t have a solid basis for starting a purchase ourselves. That may change in the next few days and if it does we will get on with it.