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A busy week

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[Monday 9/21: 4.4 miles; Wednesday 9/23: 4.4 miles; Saturday 9/26: 6.2 miles; Monday 9/.28: 2 miles; Saturday 10/03: 5.2 miles]

Last week was very busy. On Monday I ran in the morning, worked all day then drove to Iowa City and back after work. Tuesday I worked then drove to Iowa City again after work. Wednesday I was hanging out in the waiting rooms at the University of Iowa Hospitals while my wife was having some surgery. Then I drove home at the end of the day after she was awake and in her regular room. Thursday I worked. Friday was our annual show and tell session for our projects (it continues for a couple of days in the upcoming week also). Saturday was a nice peaceful day. And today was also nice: I went to church in the morning, did some small projects in the afternoon and we went to the dog park in the late afternoon also.

Wife was discharged from the hospital on Friday and was home before I got home from work. And she is getting her strength back a little more every day. Our son is visiting and he was a great help in fetching her home from Iowa City.

But we weren’t the only ones having a busy week. On Monday, about a mile from our house there was a gas leak which was under repair when it exploded and completely leveled a house on Loras Street. It also damaged some of the other houses nearby.

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Oct 4, 2020
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