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2020 off to a good start

[3 miles on S. Grandview with Chester]

After some struggles getting through Nebraska, we finally made it home from our holiday car trip yesterday.

Before our trip we had acquired a large equipment rack from the website and it was still lying in the back of the van from our fetch-trip. Today I got it tipped out of the van, then stripped off the sides and doors and extraneous stuff. Then I used the two-wheel dolly to get it into the house and down the stairs into the basement. I had to move the washer and dryer to turn the corner at the bottom of the basement stairs. But when the dust settled I had the rack and the parts in the radio/electronics room in the basement. A win! The plan is to get my spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, GPSDO and other rack-mount stuff installed in the rack.

Also today I finally located our stereo turntable. Of course it was in the last unopened box. It was buried at the bottom of my vacuum tube collection. It doesn’t look any worse for the experience. I was able to dust it off and hook it up to my newly acquired 1970’s vintage Kenwood stereo amplifier along with my replacement Sony CD player which I acquired at Goodwill in Loveland last week. This afternoon I’ve been playing some records. Another win!

Finally, I got on to the correct website and got us signed up for the company 401k program. We have a company match, so __free money__! Yet another win!

It has been a good start to 2020.