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Another vehicle, another project

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[Thursday: 3.5 miles; today 10 miles in Starkville]

My algorithms class has languished after I cancelled that appointment.  It was moving at a pace which was faster than I could do.  I did work on the week 2 project a bit and I may go back to that eventually.

We learned this week that they are going to replace the system I work on, in an approximately 2 year time frame.  We should learn more about that in the next few months as they start shopping for a replacement.   But we got approval for some medium term projects that will keep me busy for awhile.  I was somewhat surprised that they were willing to spend a bit of money on the old system.

I had bid last week on another old Ford pickup truck and eventually it worked out that I “won” it.  It was over in Starkville at the utilities department.  I paid $400 for it, plus $30 for the auction fee plus $140 to have it towed to my house.  So I calculate I am in for $570 so far.  It’s a 1993, like the one I already have.  I did some discovery on it today.  I was able to get the engine to light off on some starting fluid.  But the fuel pump is not working.  And the starting system itself seems to have trouble which may also be attributable to the fuel pump.  The passenger side door has some trouble.  The driver side door is OK.  It is very dirty inside and out.  They had been throwing garbage bags into the bed and I shovelled out some of that.  The bed is rusted through in places because the garbage was holding quite a bit of water.

I think I can get it cleaned up OK.  And the holes in the bed don’t concern me very much unless I determine later that it has a more widespread “softness” back there.  I think I can manage the passenger door.  I’d like to get it to run if I can. So my next step is to take out the gas tank and see if I can sort out the fuel pump.

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Mar 10, 2018
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