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Mass Mailing

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[Today: 3.4 miles; Monday 3.4 miles]

I’ve been trying to get more aggressive with my marketing campaign for the WMFH-LP radio station.

When we joined the chamber of commerce, part of the deal was that they would let us have their mailing list of chamber members.  So now I have a letter put together and I’m doing a mail-merge with the mailing list.  I think there are about 200 on the C-of-C list and I hope to send a letter to nearly all of them.

I figured out how to do envelopes too.  So I only have to sign my name on the letter, add in a “fact sheet” that I also print, fold them up and put them in the envelope.  Then I lick the envelope and put a “forever” stamp on it.  I did 22 of those today.

It’s going to take about a hundred bucks in postage and maybe ten more in paper and envelopes.  I’m hoping we will at least get that much back out of it in direct contributions.  Maybe we will hit the jackpot and make some progress on our transmitter and equipment needs (about $12,000).  If nothing else, I will have primed the pump for when we get on the air and I want to roust out some local business to sponsor our programming.

While I ran today I was wondering if I could find a way to do cheaper postage.  My experience at the office is that you have to have the barcodes and such to get the good rate.  I don’t think I have what it takes.  I’ll just spend the $100 and call it a donation and be done with it.

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Jan 7, 2015
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