I Broke My Foot

I know a few of you have noticed the very fashionable boot I’ve been sporting on my foot.  A few of you have even DM’d me asking what was up so I thought I’d address everybody’s questions and explain what happened.

To explain why I know exactly when this happened, we need to go back a year because #1 Daughter broke her foot in almost the exact same way.

See, #1 Daughter stepped off her front porch funny and it cause her foot to twist just a tiny bit but just enough to break her foot. It was the tiniest little thing but you know how life just does its thing?

So, about 3 weeks back I was at the beginning of a 7 miler.  I wasn’t even a quarter mile from the house when practically the same thing happened to me except it was a little crack in the asphalt.  My foot hit that crack just right causing my foot to do a little bend.  It didn’t hurt or anything but from running trails etc, my brain automatically goes through a mental checklist making sure everything’s okay.  I did it this time because I immediately remembered #1 Daughter breaking her foot a year back in almost the exact same way.

My mental checklist said that nothing hurt.  Nothing had gone *pop* and I felt fine!  So, I went and ran my 7 miles without giving it another thought.

When I got home, my foot started to feel a little achy but my feet are always grumpy from the bone on bone arthritis in them so again, I wrote it off as my feet just being their grumpy selves.

Long story short, it took about 60 more running miles before the achiness developed into legit discomfort and I finally clued in to the fact that this *might* be more than just the arthritis?  Seeing as I had a 50k in 6 weeks, MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I decided that it was time to get the foot checked out.

Four x-rays later a very kind Podiatrist delivered the news that I’d broken my foot….about 60 miles back.   She was like, How did you run 60 miles on a broken foot!?!  First off, I don’t run to the doc every time I stub my toe or anything so I want to make sure there’s something legit wrong and seeing as my feet ALWAYS hurt, it took a bit before I realized it was something more than my normal grumpy feet.

She slapped me in a boot with strict orders to park my rumpatootis!  I asked about walking?  She very firmly said, NO!  Apparently, this break was close to splitting?  I don’t understand all of it but if it split, it’d require surgery, pins, the whole big deal. Hearing that, I’ve been very motivated to park it.

I have a follow up appointment on February 16.  I’m declaring it healed then!  Well, hopefully she’ll say it’s healed?

The good and exciting thing out of all of this?  All these years that the arthritis has been uncomfortable, I haven’t been taking anything for it.  I’ve just been gritting my teeth and running and doing life.  I admitted that I might be at the point where I could use a little help in managing the discomfort?

YAY for a doc who’s a runner!!!  She gave me some medication for before long runs and a topical for regular day to day stuff.  I can hardly wait to get out of this boot and get back to running!  The thought of running without feeling the bones in my feet grinding together with every step is so exciting!!!

In the meantime, I’m visiting #1 Daughter and her MFH while loving on my new grandbaby!!!  Life is good, y’all!

Happy Running!!!


One thought on “I Broke My Foot

  1. Carl S Wright

    Incredible how a crack in the asphalt on a routine run can be life changing, Melinda.

    I am pretty amazed that you ran those 60madditional miles, but I know all about constantly grumpy feet, and I can see myself doing the very same thing.

    Hope there is good news on your February 16th appointment! 🙂

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