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Internet Privacy

[Today’s running: Watson Road 3.5]

I probably won’t talk much about my family on this blog. They are a big part of my life, the main reason why I work and try to “bring home the bacon”.

But one favor that MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook has done for the world (I think) is to bring some awareness of the dangers of publishing lots of personal information.

So anyway, this picture was taken by a young relative as he/she was fooling around with my camera. I thought it turned out rather well, a bit of the shadow-against-the-wall thing and a modern composition. And not too fuzzy, so he/she had a steady hand.

The subject is me. It is ok if you know what I look like. You probably know my name and location or could figure it out without much trouble. I can give you me. Others, not so much. It will be a challenge to tell you about myself but leave out all of the rest.