Back on the tower today

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Posted by w0ep on May 29, 2011 at 7:12 pm

[Today’s run: Watson road 3.5 miles]

Back on the tower a bit this afternoon to get those top guy wires attached and remove the temporary rope guys.

It was a bit breezy!  I went up and attached the cable guys; came down and we tightened them up.  Then I went up again and dropped the temporary rope guys.

I also dropped a bright colored string down the center of the tower so we can use it to get things all straight and true.

We tided up the extraneous ropes and such, got all of that cleared away.

I use my rock-climbing harness and helmet when doing tower work.  In this picture I am trailing my climbing rope so that I can rappel down.  That works out nicely.  I have to concentrate to keep my brake hand on the rope and use the other hand to fend off the tower.  But it is a lot faster than climbing down.

I am really glad to have those top guys in place.  That is much more stable then with just the ropes.

Next task  is to get the rotator and mast in place.  And I need to do some grounding work at the base.  I hope to have a VHF antenna put up in time for the ARRL June VHF contest on June 11th.

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