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And so it begins…

[Yesterday’s run: 3 miles]

Tonight we finished the house end of the wiring for the garage. I had already hooked up the sub-panel in the garage the other day. So we are ready for the inspector, or at least I need to talk to him to see what should happen next.

There are some existing circuits in the garage on the old wiring which he had previously told me we could hook into the new panel when the switch-over happens. One project almost completed.


I had recently noticed that the screen door on the back porch wasn’t closing all the way any more. Closer examination showed that the two posts of the small enclosed porch are kind of mushy, leading to the conclusion that the porch is deforming due to some bit of collapse.

Tonight we got out the crowbar and removed the old chip-board “wood panelling” on the interior, some nasty insulation, and the warpy plywood on the outside, all below the level of the windows. It was quite upsetting to a whole bunch of large black ants.

The porch is built on top of a concrete stoop, about 6 ft square? something like that. There are 2×4’s on edge and then some very nice looking 2×12 deck boards for flooring. The floor is separate from the walls. The walls are on 2×4 sill on the same concrete stoop, or it used to be a sill some time long ago. And the posts are built up from plain 2×4’s also and there isn’t much there either. I don’t think any of the posts or walls are pressure treated but the floor probably is.

I think it is going to be a prop-up-the-roof-and-replace-the-porch-walls job. We had to do that at our house in Ft. Collins too. The trick is to avoid disrupting the roof. I think we can do that.

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It’s a good thing you _appear_ to enjoy diving into these kind of projects. And you are saving yourself a bundle with the DIY approach. (The old tiny car restoration project can wait.)

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