Chilly run

[today’s run: 9.8 miles]

Today was my longest run in quite awhile. I started off from home sometime around 7 am and it took me 2 and half hours to finish. That comes out to about 15 minutes per mile. Definitely not fast.

According to the online record of a weather station near our house, the temperature ranged from just below zero degrees to a bit over 4 degrees. I wore two pairs of pants, three shirts and a polyester jacket. I had on some lightweight gloves, a neck buff and a good stocking-hat. I took some “shooting glasses” to protect my eyes, but they quickly fogged up. So I pulled my hat down low instead. That generally worked OK. Some of the time I pulled the buff down to breathe better but then my cheeks would start to feel the bite of the cold. Everything that was covered in some way felt fine.

I did my first leg southwards on Grandview Ave. Arriving back home with 5.2 miles, I changed my shirts, hat, neck buff and gloves for dry. Then I started out again on Asbury toward Kennedy. That out-and-back is just over 4 miles which gave me 9.8 by the time I reached home.

I didn’t have a lot of problems with the cold other than I had issues with the neck buffs getting wet from my breathing and turning into soaked cloth which isn’t easy to breathe through. I stopped a few times and re-positioned to a dryer part. On the second section I actually took another along and swapped that in for the return leg.

Most of the sidewalks were in pretty good shape but some were trampled and not shoveled. Footing in general was a bit tricky.

I saw a few other people out running.