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Posted by w0ep on May 17, 2011 at 7:54 pm

[Today’s run: zero   ;  yesterday’s run: watson road 3.5 miles]

Job rant to follow:

I like my job for the most part.  But it has one large downside:  there are too many different technologies that I am supposed to know.  (maybe that is the upside too… every day is different)

When I first started this job, 12 years ago (?), I had to know something about Oracle database and HP-UX.   I wrote some scripts in Perl.  The application we bought has C, COBOL programs, SQL files and shell scripts.

Over time I would get bored when things were going smoothly so I would investigate newer tools and technologies.  For example, I did a bit of Java and some Perl CGI.  Later I did some XML/XSLT (and integrated that with Perl CGI).

And then Oracle comes out with something called the Oracle Application Server which moves a bunch of stuff from the desktop PC’s  (which were not my responsibility) into the server world.  I went to some training and I muddle through with Oracle App Server stuff.

Our App Server runs on Linux.  So I have HP-UX, Linux, and some Windows to mess with.  I do the networking so I know a bit about that.  And I do printing stuff so I get to play with PCL and fonts and all of that stuff.  I recently implemented Intelligent Barcode.  Mailing standards, Dell remote console, Apache, gpg encryption, cobol compiler flags,… did you know that the cpio command on HP-UX is a worthless implementation?  (I copied my cpio file to a linux box, unpacked it, tarred up the result, copied that back to the HP-UX box and untarred it.)

My head sometimes feels like it is going to burst.  If I were to keep better records of all of this that would be helpful.  But I get too busy to type up and file papers (or to look for answers in the filing cabinet).

Tonight I was trying to figure out how to create a second Oracle Reports Server process on our app server.  That is going to take some  practice before I inflict it on the production environment, so I gave up and left things alone.

I missed my run tonight because I got going with this report server thing.

If I ever ask, always remind me that it is better to run in the morning.  If you wait you may not run at all.


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