other thoughts

Busy Week

[Wednesday: 3 miles; Saturday 6.3 miles]

I went back into the office this past Wednesday to test our prototype equipment on a couple of vehicles. We took video. They have a lot of new procedures for getting in and out of the place. But the equipment worked and we got some good pictures.

I’m typing this on the empty-box computer. I was able to clone the disk drive from the dying computer and put it in this one. I didn’t know if moving the original disk would be a problem so I decided to play it safe. So far I haven’t had any video freeze-ups or spontaneous reboots on this system.

I have done some more refinement on my WWVB receiver. It seems to be working pretty well. I have some plans for an enclosure which I may put into effect someday.

I went and donated blood on Saturday after running 6.3 miles. I was a bit dehydrated. The blood donation went well. But later I was feeling pretty zapped. We got through the day and today I’m feeling a bit more peppy.

Our refrigerator that came with this house has the fancy ice and water on the front. I use the water thing quite a bit. The other day I went to use it but no water came out. Instead it was running on the floor. One of the stiff plastic lines on the back of the box had gotten brittle and broke. I ended up going to two different places on Saturday to buy parts to get that fixed. I was stymied by the tubing which said 1/4″ on it but was actually about 5/16″ OD. I eventually found some flexible vinyl tubing with an inside diameter which fits snugly over the broken stuff. The broken line doesn’t have pressure on it except when the pump is squirting, so I am hoping that my fix will do the job for awhile.