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[Yesterday: 2.5 miles on treadmill in the morning]

I was talking to my son on the phone yesterday about the loss of the Ukrainian passenger jet in Iran which took place around the same time Iran was shooting missiles into Iraq, part of an ongoing spat between Iran and the US.

It has come to be understood that the plane was brought down by an anti-aircraft missile launched from within Iran itself. I speculated that someone put the AA system on AUTO and it shot down the first thing that came along.

He and I discussed the denial coming from Iran official sources, etc. And I mentioned that not so long ago the US accidentally shot down a loaded passenger jet during a time of similar tensions with Iran. The US subsequently apologized and made reparations payments to the families of the passengers.

He didn’t seem to remember that, so today I decided to look it up. Wikipedia reports that it happened in the summer of 1988 during the Reagan administration. And that explains why he doesn’t remember since he hadn’t yet been born.