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My kids

[Yesterday: 5 miles in the Front Range foothills]

We are enjoying our Christmas break and the hospitality of our daughter and son-in-law at their new home in Loveland, CO.

Jordan Peterson writes in is book “12 Rules for Life” is rule #5 : “Do Not Let Your Children Do Anything that Makes You Dislike Them” I can’t really take credit for the way life has turned out… I think I lucked out.

I’m having a great time visiting with both of them and the son-in-law, and seeing them interact with each other. It’s like having a cool-person club and I get to be a member.

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#5 seems subjective, controlling, and limiting. I instantly thought of a film I saw a few years ago: “Hitler’s Children.” I feel compelled to watch it again.

I understand the being with cool people thing. That comment resonates with me. I text with fingers, not my thumbs. Not cool. In my team at work there are a few in their 20s who are earnest and smart and clever and, well, they keep me on my toes and I enjoy that about them. Without such folk around I’d ossify, I’m pretty sure. The interaction with youth in the work environment is _almost_ as good as the paycheck.

Have you read his book? He takes the angle that if you can raise likeable children they will be more likely to have a better outcome in life (from my memory, it has been awhile). Yes it is controlling and limiting and subjective. But much of a parent’s job is such. Parents who don’t control and limit their children are committing child abuse.

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