Busy Week

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Posted by w0ep on July 20, 2019 at 5:05 pm

[Today’s run: 3.1 miles in Dubuque, IA]

We had a busy week.

Last Saturday we connected with the son, the daughter and the son-in-law for a nice dinner, bringing the D and SiL back to our house.

Sunday we filled the van with boxes and garage stuff. We also acquired the moving van.

Monday we filled the moving van. We were expecting to leave on Tuesday but there was not yet anywhere to go.

Tuesday we did some cleaning and final packing.

Wednesday we drove 14 hours to a hotel in the new city. (The dog actually did pretty well in hotel dwelling.)

Thursday we did a walk-through then took possession of the new house. Then we unloaded the moving van.

Friday we had another errand with the moving van. And then returned it.

It just so happens that Thursday and Friday have been a heat wave in this part of Iowa. The new house does not have central AC. We were able to acquire a portable AC unit to make a cool room for the dog and for resting. And we obtained 4 new fans that helped us get some sleep.

Today the weather seems to be cooling down a bit. D and SiL started their journey back home. So it is just our little family unit in a large house with lots of boxes.

I was able to get my computer set up on a couple of planks held up by moving boxes, exactly one week since I boxed it up. I’m using my cell phone tethering and unlimited data plan as my internet service. DSL will come online late next week we hope.

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