Logitech G513 keyboard

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Posted by w0ep on May 8, 2019 at 9:19 pm

[yesterday’s run: 3.4 miles]

Our local Office Depot is having a big store-closing sale. We stopped by there this evening to see what they still had in the store.

I picked up some Avery labels for cheap. My wife got a padded standing floor cushion thing for use with her standing desk.

And I bought a demo model Logitech G513 Tactile Carbon keyboard.

So, I plugged in my keyboard at home and it just dumbly blinked at me.

The ‘A’ and ‘G’ lights were on (I believe A is for caps lock and G is for “gaming”) and blinking also. Pretty colors, but otherwise completely deaf to anything I was trying to do. And neither my windows nor linux computers would recognize it.

So I fooled around and finally found a post on the Logitech website “community” that told how to take it out of retail demo mode.

Unplug. Hold down F1-F3-F5 all together and plug it in to the USB. One guy said to hold down the keys for 5-7 seconds. I held mine for awhile. I don’t remember any feedback indicating a change had been made; the colors were dumbly blinking as before.

But then unplug and plug in again, and the A & G lights are out and the thing is actually working.

A win!

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