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Posted by w0ep on November 20, 2018 at 9:28 am

[Saturday: Rose Garden 6.8 miles; Monday: Watson Rd: 3.4 miles]

I’ve been really busy with a variety of things, but haven’t been blogging like I should.  Sorry about that.  My goal is to make a post every day I go on a run.  Usually I run three days per week.

This is Thanksgiving week.  I have Thursday and Friday off.  Thursday we are going down toward Newton County, MS to have Thanksgiving dinner with our son.  That will be a treat!

On Friday I hope to wrap up a project that has been on the checklist for about 6 months.  Last spring a fellow came to our ham club meeting and asked if anyone could help take down a tower.  A family of a ham up near Aberdeen still have his tower up in their yard and they want it down.  The wife and I drove up there in May? June? to look it over.   It is so hot in the summer tower climbing is just not much fun.  I sweat just walking around, climbing straight up is not an enjoyable activity.  (But sometimes there are cool breezes at the top.)

So I have asked a couple of guys to be my ground crew and we think Friday is the day.

There is a small HF beam antenna and a rotator etc. at the top. That stuff needs to be disassembled and lowered to the ground.  Then we will take it down section by section and lower each section to the ground.  The tower is supposed to be 80 ft. tall, so that is 8 sections.

Before Friday I need to acquire some rope we can use for temporary guy lines.    In the past I’ve been OK with two sections  unguyed above the highest guy attachment point.  I need to see if I took pictures when we were there last spring.  If he guyed it every three sections, I’ll be OK.

The reward for this is: 1) helping out some people and 2) taking away all of the tower parts.  I could use a few more sections of tower to extend my FM station antenna to full licensed height.

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  • On November 21, 2018 at 7:31 pm Steve Howard said

    Safety First!

  • On November 22, 2018 at 11:52 am Jonathan Howard said

    You are both braver and more ambitious than I am. 80′?

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