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Posted by w0ep on November 7, 2018 at 7:42 pm

[Monday run: 3.4 miles; Today run: 4.0 miles]

I’ve been playing with all of my projects recently.

I eventually got the AD9850 box working to my satisfaction. The knob works well now and the output accuracy is much improved.

I have a related project using an Si5351 clock generator chip that has also been sitting around for a few years.  I actually have three circuit boards, only one of which I had populated with parts.  Over the weekend I got the other two boards mostly done.  I need to get a few more parts the next time I put in an order.

The winter CW fox hunt season has started and I am thinking about building a CW radio.  I have lots of radios, but somehow not one of them is exactly right for doing what I want to do.  They all have good features.

I’m supposed to be working on finding a new job!

We had a short power outage today.  I went out to the transmitter shed where the transmitter was off but the computers were running fine off of the UPS.  That was nice to see.  I shut everything down and brought it back up again when the power  came on.  I need to get batteries for another UPS which I should put in the tech-junction closet in the house to keep the internet and wifi going.  I have it, just have not bought new batteries for it.


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