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Posted by w0ep on October 20, 2018 at 1:18 pm

[Today: ~8 miles on Noxubee Hills trails in the Tombigbee National Forest]

Instead of going to the Starkville running group this morning we kept on going, on over to the Tombigbee National Forest south of Ackerman, MS. We ran with Tim from central Mississippi, and Alan & Melody from up in northern Mississippi.  These are people that my wife knows from her many internet running groups.

I had never been on these trails before.  We had a little bit of struggle finding the entrance to Splashing Dog Trail.  But soon we were on it and going fine. We followed Splashing Dog to Rabbits Run, then Lost Cemetery Road, Blue B, North Trail, a bit more on Lost Cemetery, then Beaver Lodge, across the dam at Choctaw Lake and back to the car.  Probably half of it was double track, half single track; two short pieces on “roads” big enough to drive on.

There were a lot of leaves on the ground, but the trees all seemed green to me, no fall colors yet.  The forest was a mix, mostly deciduous.  There were a lot of mushrooms; and a lot of hickory nuts.  The trails were pretty well kept.  We did have one spot where a small tree was down across the trail and we had to leave the track to go around it; and another spot where a deadfall across the path made a step-over.  Weather started out cool and foggy but then started a steady soft rain.


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