W7PUA audio frequency VNA

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Posted by w0ep on September 24, 2018 at 9:02 pm

[Saturday: 6 miles on Macintire Road; Sunday: 1 hour of rowboating; today: 3.4 miles]

The May/June 2018 issue of QEX magazine had an interesting construction project in it, an audio frequency vector network analyzer based on an arduino-like platform and featuring a touch screen interface.  Sounds cool.

I got on to the mailing list for the project and a guy was getting a circuit board batch made.  I pitched in for one board.  Then I ordered the parts and got the board all populated.  Yesterday I got the arduino programming loaded.

Now I am working on the enclosure. Today I found a plastic box and fashioned a light aluminum cover. I think I can hang the whole thing off of the cover.  The only thing I will need to do to the box is drill a hole for the USB programming/power cable.  The next step is to do the layout of the cover.  I will have the touch screen, three banana plug terminals and one BNC connector.   I have some salvaged “pin” connectors instead of the banana plug things.  They are smaller.  But I don’t know if the matching plug-in parts are readily available.

Here you can see the board and the touch screen in operation and sitting on the enclosure I hope to use.


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