Mississippi: land of danger

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Posted by w0ep on June 21, 2018 at 4:55 pm

[Yesterday’s run: 3.0 miles of hills in town]

Yesterday I woke up with my eyes all puffy and having some itchy spots on my right side.

This morning my eyes were even more puffy and I have various red rashy places.

I was trying to think what I might have done to get into this.  The only thing I can remember was:  I was using some Round-Up on some nasty vines that grow in hedge bushes along the front of the house.  I didn’t touch the vines.  But, the dog seemed to really enjoy the smell of the Round-Up and she was rolling in the vegetation after I sprayed.  What I suspect happened is that the dog got some poison-ivy-type stuff on her, then she came in later and I pet her pretty good, like I usually do.  I think that’s how I got it.  I could be wrong; maybe it wasn’t the dog.  But that’s the only thing I could remember that seemed likely.

I did Google up possible reactions to Round-Up and it looked like the vegetation itself is a more likely culprit.

Mississippi vegetation is like that.  It is very southern and genteel until  you cross it, then things get nasty.

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