Finished carpentry on the shed!

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Posted by w0ep on June 2, 2018 at 5:53 pm

[Today’s run: 7 miles]

Today I finished the carpentry on the radio shed (after only one year).


On Monday I put in the little triangular pieces (returns? that’s not quite right.  It’s the triangular piece on the low end of the gable rafter.  I found a picture by googleing that calls that construct a bird box.) on the roof line and got the south soffit boxes and soffit up.  During the week I got the north soffit done.  And today I finished boxing in the soffits up to the peak on each gable-end.  It is not as beautiful as I would like it to be, but I think a bit of caulking and some paint and it will be well within the range of acceptable.

I’m using vinyl soffit material in something other than the intended way.  Usually they’ll cut the long strip into shorter pieces and lay it up into two channels, one on the house and one hanging from the ends of the rafters.  But I kept it in the long strip and mounted it with screws into the rafters and into a ledger on the wall, then covered the screw slots with a strip of plywood.  This all may be a dud, we will see what happens with temperature growth/shrinkage over time.

Yet to be done:  I need to install a roof vent. 🙁  And then I need to apply caulk and the paint that I bought.  (But these don’t count as carpentry you see.)

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