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Posted by w0ep on December 2, 2017 at 6:13 pm

[Today’s run: 7+]

I had a nice run with the gang in Starkville this morning.  Then I went to breakfast with same.  On the way home I stopped at an estate sale but didn’t buy anything.

At home I spent a couple of hours painting the interior of the transmitter shed.  We had some yellow left over from our kitchen so I used that on the walls.  Earlier this week I had applied white on the ceiling and the door/window trim.  I did some caulking of a seam in the floor and a few spots around the exterior.

Last week I worked on the PVC conduit which will carry the fiber optic cable to the house.  I put a section in the attic and was able to get it joined to the vertical piece which will be inside the raceway for our A/C system.  Today I glued up the vertical piece.  I may regret not having glued the attic parts, but they don’t need to be water tight, just guide and protect the cable up over the edge of the wall.

The next step is to do flooring.  I hope to start that tomorrow after the paint is dried.

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