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Posted by w0ep on November 21, 2017 at 5:23 pm

[Today’s run: 3.5 miles]

Today’s entry in myfitnesspal.com earned me a note saying I’ve logged in for 75 days in a row.

I’m down to the mid-180’s from somewhere north of 200.  I’m calling it 20 lbs.  That has relieved my need for Tagamet before bedtime.  I can eat spicy stuff and may need a Tums, but no more heavy artillery.

I’ve had a couple of eat-like-crazy days.  But generally I’m able to stay under or at least near my daily intake goal.

My pants are a bit roomy.  And I’m afraid that new suit I bought for the wedding is probably pretty sloppy on me by now.  But I don’t plan to wear it any time soon.  I can buy a new one if I have to.

It’s really just been logging what I eat and trying to stay under the daily goal.  That has changed my selection a bit because some things are just too expensive on the caloric budget.  I haven’t been exercising more than before.   But I’m enjoying my running more because I’m able to move a bit quicker, or it feels like I am.

I maybe dreaming it, but I think that donuts and such things give me more of a kick now.  I’m thinking my sugar intake has decreased and my baseline is a bit lower.

I’d like to go down another 10 lbs if I can.  I guess my real plan is to stay at the daily number I’ve got now and just let things work out wherever I land.


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  • On November 22, 2017 at 6:09 am Sue said

    I admire your perseverance and would wish to do the same. Myfitnesspal may be the answer.

  • On November 23, 2017 at 9:40 am Jonathan Howard said

    Kudos. Especially where weather can be so challenging.

    That’s some clever marketing – how many units would be sold if called Myfitnessnag? Also, looking at the scale, I believe I found your 20 pounds. And this is before the Thanksgiving meal…

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