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Posted by w0ep on October 21, 2017 at 9:03 pm

[Today’s run: 6.8 miles]

I’ve made some progress this week.  First off, I think we got things straightened out with the Sears Home Warranty people and have successfully canceled our contract.  We shall see.  I talked with a guy on Thursday and he said the only thing on our record was the claim from October 2nd, which is the washer they they didn’t want to pay to replace (weaseling out of their commitment).  I told him we did not accept that money and had not received any money and weren’t going to receive it.  He said, “OK”. and that seemed to clear things up.  So that is done.

Today I finished digging a 2′ deep trench from the newly installed pole to the radio transmitter shack.  We went to Lowes and I purchased some PVC pipe to put in the trench but it looks like I am missing a couple of pieces which will probably have to come from an electrical supply house and those aren’t open on weekends.  I am hoping that the rain in the forecast doesn’t mess up my beautiful trench.

I had a great run today over in Starkville.  I had energy and I felt good and I enjoyed good company with the other runners.

I’ve been listing some radio parts on Ebay recently and a couple of things have sold.  I’m not getting rich, but it is nice to get some unused stuff shipped out of here.

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