Transmitter Shack Progress

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Posted by w0ep on June 3, 2017 at 7:02 pm

[Today’s run: 5+ in Starkville]

I had running club this morning.  Then I came back home for a bit.  Then I went into town to get some lumber and groceries.

I’m doing pretty good on  my transmitter shack having just started last Sunday.  I had the base done by the end of the day on Monday (Memorial Day holiday).  I got the decking plywood on early Tuesday morning. All of the wood up to the level of the decking is treated lumber.

I spent some time last night laying out the walls.  Then today my neighbor helped me put up the North wall.  It rained a bit.  Then I was able to get the South and West walls up.  The East wall isn’t up yet. That is the most complicated wall since it has the door in it.  I haven’t decided yet whether I will put in a window.  And I have to make a hole for the A/C unit.

The exterior base dimensions are 8′ x 7′. I decided that it would look better to have less than full height walls on such a small building.  So I am cutting about 8 inches off of my studs, down to 7 feet.  That’s about as low as I can go with a reasonable sized door opening.

My family bought me a nail gun when I built a slightly larger building when we lived in Colorado.  So stud walls and such things go up pretty quickly once I figure out where everything ought to be.

I think tomorrow I may try to work on that last wall and then on the roof if I have time.  We’ve been getting a lot of rain recently and I want to have it under cover as soon as I can.

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