More wax refining

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Posted by w0ep on September 2, 2012 at 8:45 am

[Yesterday’s run: 7 miles with boardtown runners, today: rest]

This morning I worked on wax refining again.

The large cake of wax we got from our first meltdown/strain step is on the right.  I used a big knife and cut into it.  About half of that went into the old coffee pot along with about a cup of water.

After the wax melted down I poured it through about 6 layers of cheesecloth, into the retired french-press glass beaker.  I then used a white plastic spoon to dip out the wax, being careful to avoid any little floating fuzzy/cloudy bits.  I was able to fill two jelly jars!  Pretty good.

I kept warming up hot water in the pot and pouring that into the beaker, bringing the level up to where I could get at it with my spoon.

I gave up with about half an inch of wax still in the beaker.  You can see it in this picture just on top of the orange-ish water.  It has quite a few fuzzies in it, particularly along the bottom wax/water border.

After everything cools and hardens, I’ll warm up those jelly jars a bit in a double boiler and get the wax out of them.  Then I’ll empty the beaker.  I may scrape some of the bottom of that remaining wax with a knife to get some of the fuzzies out.  Then I’ll melt it down again with the rest of the big cake.

I’m surprised that I was able to get this much good wax out of it.

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