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Posted by w0ep on March 4, 2011 at 4:13 pm

[Today’s run:  Freeman House 7.0 miles]

All you firearms haters out there will want to pass on today’s topic.

I have a rifle. I bought it from a guy, shot it at targets, carried it on elk hunting trips. Never did shoot an elk. And now I live in Mississippi where there is a distinct lack of critters the size of an elk.

I guess I could start deer hunting. But my luck with elk has me kind of down on the big game thing.

So I want to sell this rifle to someone else who wants an elk roast in the freezer. You’d think it wouldn’t be so hard. Ebay! No, ebay doesn’t allow firearms. Craigslist! Nope. Advertise in the newspaper? I tried that. The only calls I got were from people looking to score an antique pre-1964 Winchester Model 70. This one is a modern  model (better, if you actually want to go hunting).

So my next stop, I guess, is the local gun/pawn shop which is kind of sad. It is legal to buy and sell guns in the US.  You can walk right up to my front door, give me cash and walk away with the thing.   I guess I just haven’t found the internet market yet.

(Oh wait!  I know!  I’ll sell it to drug dealers from Mexico.  I’m sure they would love a bolt-action hunting rifle to go with the full-auto AK-47s that they got from Nicaragua.  You don’t think so? Never mind.  Just me ranting. )

For sale:  Winchester Model 70, walnut stock,  Redfield zoom  scope, .30-06, nice condition.   Good for elk, deer, bears, caribou, coyotes, paper targets, squirrels, little fuzzy bunnies.

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