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[Thursday evening’s run: 4.4 miles; Saturday: 6.2 miles]

It took me a long time, but I recently finished checking off all of the boxes on my Bible reading schedule. I’ve officially read every chapter. I had started at the beginning in times past and gotten into the prophets going straight through, and I had read the New Testament. So I always assumed I had covered it all here and there. But now I have the proof.

I still think my favorite book other than the gospels is Jonah. The gospels have Jesus talking with everyday people, so they are special.

My other comment is that there is a lot more mysterious stuff than I had remembered. There are little things here and there that I’m like, “what is that about?” The main themes are pretty clear. Well..

I’ll put it this way. I see a main theme of Faith, that people are to trust that there is an overarching way that events have unfolded and will unfold; and Faith that God is doing the right thing. Just look at the “faith hall of fame” chapter in Hebrews. You have some people who did heroic stuff and some people who suffered tremendously and they are all on the same list. The “oh this will all work out fine” attitude is not really in there except in the very very long run. And even that is more of an assurance that God will be glorified, not that I personally will.

I think another theme is that we know enough but we don’t know it all. He is not telling us everything. And He didn’t tell his main people everything in the past either, stuff kind of unfolded. So we know stuff that Moses didn’t know and there are things yet to come that we don’t know. And that’s Ok. The whole faith-like-a-child thing: you aren’t capable of knowing it all so run with what you’ve got. Which means you have to have Faith again that a Corrector will come along and correct you when you need it.

Well, I got it done and it’s on the Internet forever. (or as long as I keep on paying the bill for the hosting)

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Aug 9, 2020
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