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Electronics trash

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Our local landfill is having a special trash day when people can bring low-level hazardous waste from their homes to be managed separately from the regular trash flow.

About our trash here:  Frankly, they take everything I put out on the curb.  For $12 a month I can put out 1 garbage bag or three garbage cans, they don’t care.  The only time I’ve had them refuse was when we ripped out carpeting and put it out in a big jumbled pile.  They asked me to either tie or tape it into manageable bundles.  I did that and they took it all the next week.  So I probably could put a TV or VCR in the trash and it would go without a 2nd glance. It has to be something that a single guy can physically wrangle into the truck, I’m sure.

That being said, I’m glad they have these special trash days because I don’t want to see any quantities of nasty chemicals or heavy metals go unnoticed into the normal landfill.

So I have a couple of boxes of circuit boards that I’ve been accumulating over the years that I hope to get rid of this time around at the special trash day.

You may wonder how this happens that I have these.  I haven’t been doing a lot of electronics experimenting or building in the last few years.  But when I was doing that I used a lot of parts off of various old circuit boards.  The newer stuff, say 10 years and newer, doesn’t have a lot of reusable parts.   The newer stuff is so small it takes a microscope to work with and it is very difficult to unsolder things from the circuit boards.  But the older stuff can be reused if you really need to do it. You know that I buy electronics gizmos and take them apart.  And I also take apart small appliances and things that break here at our house.  I may try to repair something and end up just stripping it out.  So the circuit boards have accumulated over time.  When I was doing more experimenting, if I needed a 10k resistor I would just go through the box of boards and find one.  That kind of thing.

And I may regret getting rid of these boxes.  But I think it is time.  I have a bigger stock of new-unused parts which I have accumulated and, like I say, I haven’t really been doing much with it all anyway.


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Apr 20, 2018
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