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Not much of a teacher

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[Today’s run 3.5 miles]

I volunteered this fall to teach the 1st-2nd grade class for the Wednesday night “sunday school” at church.  We have a meal, then the kids go to a choir practice, then they come to my class.  There are classes for age groups for the kids and an adult class.  I trade with another person, teaching every other Wednesday.  I think I’ve done it 3-4 times so far, not very many.

Tonight the person on the 3rd-5th was absent so they asked me to do the whole stack from 1-5.  My usual 2-3 kids turned into about 10.

The kids are very good, so I have it easy in that regard.  And I’m fine if they color or draw or otherwise occupy their hands.  So we didn’t have any problem at all.  But I think my teaching was pretty pitiful.  We have a good curriculum, and we covered all of the major points.  Somehow it is hard to know if it was useful or just endured.

After about 40 minutes of that, we went out to the playground area, which they always enjoy.

p.s.  I’ve done two Uber trips so far, one arriving from the airport into town in the evening and another early in the AM going from town to the airport.  An airport trip is good for about $18.  So if I can do a few of those each week it would be a welcome thing.

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Nov 1, 2017
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