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Sampling of Projects

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Twin Rivers Valley Internet Services

One of our ongoing clients is a small Internet Service Provider located in northcentral Iowa. Twin Rivers Valley Internet Services first contacted us in the spring of 1995. Mark Steil, co-owner and manager of TRVNET wanted our help in setting up a linux server to act as the central machine on their ISP network. By the end of September he was on-line using an Intel 486 machine running Linux. Our part consisted of installing Linux and building a multi-level menu system in Perl which allows his non-SLIP users to send and receive mail, and access news, Lynx, Gopher, upload and download files, and connect to other machines on the Internet.
We have continued working for building perl and shell scripts, and giving a hand with system adminstration as needed.

Inland Coatings

Inland Coatings is a manufacturer of rubberized coatings and sealants. We have been doing a variety of projects for them over the years. We recently helped them with the selection, purchase and installation of a new HP Pentium II server running RedHat Linux 6.0. Converting from an SCO Unix system, we coordinated the installation of network wiring and desktop PCs. We use Samba and Anzio Lite to integrate Linux with Windows NT and Windows 98.
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