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The Money Thing

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So let's say that you have the need for some software expertise. What are your options?

Hire some programmers.
Advertisements, head-hunters, you spend time and money finding just the right person, someone who fits into your corporate organization. After some time you find a close match (hopefully), hire them and send them off for training. They come up to speed, whip out a solution, ... and then what?
Get some high-powered consultants.
Sure it's just a little project, but you want the very best. But it's hard to get that VP at Big Shot Consulting to return your calls. He's too busy putting together multi-million dollar deals.

Call us.

At Daylight Software we are a small, customer-oriented company. Our goal is to apply our skills and experience to your software needs, not sell you some hardware, not take up permanent residence in your shop.

Our rates are competitive. We work to earn not only your money but your continued satisfaction.

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