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Cold, travel(not), taxes

[Monday’s run: 4 miles; Thursday 3 miles; Saturday: 3.25 milels]

We had a cold week, most days didn’t make it to double digits. I got out and ran on Monday evening, Thursday morning and late Saturday morning. I worked from home all week.

After surveying the available vacation time I cancelled my trip to Mississippi to run the 20k race in early March.

I’ve done some more work to round up the papers I need for tax stuff this year. Today I worked up an income/expense spreadsheet for the radio station non-profit (it is very simple).

I don’t remember if I told you. I bought an older Dell floor-standing server and I intend to outfit it to replace our current playback computer at the radio station. I think my next opportunity to get down there will be Memorial Day weekend. So I want to be ready for that. It has 8 disk drive slots and I’ve acquired 5 3Tb disk drives that I will set up as a RAID-5 array. That will give me quite a bit more space then what I have now (I have only 3 Tb now). Also it has remote console and remote boot and all sorts of server features that will be useful.

I bought 3 Jack Reacher novels at the thrift store on Thursday evening. They read really fast. Junk food books. The last one was pretty gruesome with old Jack killing off every other person he met. In none of the three did Jack change clothes. He does that sometimes, but not often. He goes to a store and buys a set of clothes and throws his current set away. He should try the thrift store, it’s a lot cheaper than that.

I also recently finished up the autobiography of Eric Clapton the guitar player. It was very good, very well written.

And I have a big book on OpenCV version 3 that I am just starting on.

Snow on the Mississippi River. Overlooking downtown Dubuque.

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Quite a difference from life in MS! Brrr!

Books where people die by violence (and TV shows and movies and murder mystery events on trains and the like, etc.) are big in American culture. It baffles me how the killing of people – sometimes the killing of innocent people – is entertainment to so many. If someone I knew personally was killed, I think it would ruin every thinking moment. The survivor guilt – so many dimensions of dreaded thoughts.

I’ve thought that way about it even before I befriended Lauren, who escaped being killed on a Halloween night several years ago when her roommates were murdered. The killer was not found right away so the fear of coming back to kill any witnesses (and may not have been found at all but for DNA on a cigarette)… Terrifying.

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