[Today’s run: State Farm – 3.6 miles]

I’ve been thinking about trying to plant a tree in our front yard. We have some trees out there, including some crab apples that I think are mostly a waste of space. I would like something stately right in the middle that would eventually be big enough to provide shade.

Our neighbor has a tall tree that looks really nice. A few weeks ago it started dropping plum-like fruit. Then when we had a sharp freeze it decided to drop all of it’s leaves. I took a picture of the leaves and looked it up on the internet. Turns out it is a Ginko tree.

I saved some of the fruit in hopes I may be able to get it to sprout.

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“Stinko” — comes to mind. Several years ago Ames downtown planted several and found out the hard way that it matters if male or female. Funny story.

When looking that up I found Iowa City had similar issue and ripped theirs out…

I really enjoy our dwarf fruit trees. They are a bit of ‘foliage with benefits’. We have a mix of citrus types and some semi-wild edible plums. One of the citrus froze and I replaced it with a fuyu persimmon. It is nice to have the fruit to give away to neighbors and friends.

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