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Tall beer

[Today’s run: Watson Road – 3.5 miles]

Went out to eat this evening.  My dinner companion had a beer and we both were impressed with this glass that came along with it.

The glass is tall and thin and tapered.  Makes it look like you have a whole lot more than would fit in that little bottle.  And in this picture the bottle still has some in it.

Personally I am not much of a drinker.  I don’t like the taste, or the expense.  And it doesn’t seem useful to try to get the hang of it.  Kind of like cigars:  why spend the time and effort to get to liking it if you already know it will turn out badly before the end. Most stuff with alcohol in it tastes like Listerine to me:  wine is grape juice with Listerine, beer is a nice creme soda.. with Listerine.  (No offense to the Listerine company.  It works for mouthwash but not much for a beverage.)

My particular taste is for sweets, like donuts and rolls.  I like cold milk with my donut, thank you.  For other drinking occasions I go for cold water and lots of it.

When we lived in Colorado, up in the mountains, the tap water was just marvelous.  In the middle of the night I could get up and wander into the bathroom, let the water run just a bit and it would be so cool and delicious.  I don’t see how anything else could be quite that good.   Here in Mississippi the water is ok.  Not as good but still ok.

Another place I know that had really good tasting tap water was Evanston, IL.  Just FYI.

So when I think of the beer commercials that show the mountain stream flowing and talk about how their beer is made with cold mountain water, I just say skip the beer and give me the water please.