Oh Rats!

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Posted by w0ep on July 14, 2017 at 6:40 am

[no running today]

Sometimes things happen…  no that’s not quite honest.

I received an email from our web hosting company that there were files their virus scanner picked up.  So I got on their system and I was deleting these files.  Some of the files were in this folder called TM.  It crossed my mind that TM was my son’s blog which he doesn’t use any more.  So I just threw that whole folder in the trash.  Then I emptied the trash.

Later that day my wife said, “My blog is not working.  It is giving me a 404 error.”

I wanted to crawl under my desk and die.  I had deleted her blog.

So, in hopes they had a backup, I called the tech support and they said that the database of the blog was still OK. Which meant that the lost parts were the pictures and attachments.  And I had a backup from February when we had to move the blog to a different server. I restored the February backup and spent some time in the evening getting most of her pictures restored from other sources.  There are still some pictures I haven’t found yet.

That feeling of realization, that I’ve really messed up and I may not be able to fix it; I don’t like that feeling.  I haven’t had it very often.  Given what I learn in church on Sunday mornings, I probably should have that feeling more often then I do.  It’s the grace of God that covers a lot of my mistakes and ineptness and just downright rebellion.

Update:  I wasn’t able to find all of the pictures and things. I got most of it back but not all.  The web provider will do a restoration to July 11th for a one time charge of $70+ dollars.  So we’ve decided to do that.  And we have added the slightly extra-cost option to our hosting plan to have regular tape backups of the site and blogs.

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  • On July 14, 2017 at 4:31 pm Jonathan Howard said

    This may not be helpful, but at work we have a lot of “junk” on shared server space. There’s a big push not to have old working files these days (they say it’s to save space and I think it’s to reduce stuff that’s discoverable for litigation). So I have my own version of “trash” where I move files and if nobody screams after a year I delete it. Put it in a room then if nobody comes knocking you destroy the room. You could do that in some manner next time?

    And speaking of work practices, when drafting an email I put a phoney name in the cc, in that way I can’t send by accident until I review and remove the phoney name.

    These are lessons learned the hard way but I’m not in medicine so nobody died.

    • On July 16, 2017 at 3:39 pm w0ep said

      You are a wise man. I actually put everything in the “trash” folder. Then I emptied the trash. Double-plus-ungood.

  • On July 16, 2017 at 8:21 am Sue said

    To continue the theme, I think I do a pretty good job at work and know my stuff enough to not be suckered into clicking on a bad email link. (Pride…ugh)

    Last summer my boss was on a road trip and was supposed to be looking at a job site in another state.

    I received an email from said boss and there were photos attached, so I clicked on the photos to put them in the job file.

    It didn’t work. I didn’t look at the top of the screen where the origination email would have shown clearly it was not legitimate.

    My desk icons started disappearing.

    I made a mess our IT guy had to concentrate on fixing for several hours. Guilt and embarrassment overflowed.

    Now we joke about it, but I try not to be so cavalier about whipping through things without really checking it out first.

    I’m glad you found a fix for the blog, and I agree with your comments about Sunday morning lessons.

    God chooses to be gracious to us because he knows who we really are: living beings created to inhabit a particular place, who are desperately blind and ignorant and only know what we know because He has revealed it to us.

    That brings another thought to mind: how can I be of such value to the One Who created the angels? So humbling, and I am so grateful.

  • On July 16, 2017 at 5:39 pm Jonathan Howard said

    What a frightening experience! We call it an “OS” moment – not meaning operating system.

    My company sends bogus emails to employees on purpose to both train and monitor. We are supposed to put it in a “report SPAM” folder. I don’t know what happens to people who don’t do it, but w turnover I bet new people don’t always do the right thing. After what happened to Target the emphasis on risk skyrocketed.

    Some can look so legitimate that after all this conditioning, when I get an internal email about earnings release or the like, I could report as SPAM in error and it doesn’t then tell you it’s okay to open, consequently I don’t read mail that is meant to be read.

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