Iowa Mississippi

Under the stars

[1/13: 3.28 miles; 1/16: 3.27; 1/18: 3.26; 1/20: 3.24; 1/23: 4.23; 1/25: 3.23]

We are slowly settling back into this house. The nights are dark. No street lights; but most of the neighbors have a yard light or porch light they leave on all the time. Our garage lights are always on and usually the front porch light too.

I’ve been running in the evenings, mostly, usually Watson Road. The course is a little bit truncated because the people who owned the last house also bought the property at the end of the road. So the road from their driveway onward feels like their property. I have been turning around there. I still get about 3-1/4 miles.

On Saturday I ran to the intersection of Evans Rd and Limerock. That was the 4.23.

It is going to take awhile before this seems normal.

Today I went and got my driver’s license. I need to get the car license plates switched this week too, if I can.

We are slowly working through the boxes. I am hoping to spend some time tomorrow evening and gather up some radio/electronics stuff to take to the ham radio flea market in Jackson, MS this Saturday. My wife wants to divest herself of most of her collection of antique tube radios, just keep a few of the special ones.

The house in Dubuque is empty and sold. Closing is the 31st, next Monday. It will be a good transaction for us. It should pay for our moving expenses and maybe make a dent in other debts.

Working remotely has been going well. I am working with my “back fill” (my replacement) every day. He is getting a very good start. I also have been attending a weekly status meeting related to the work I will be doing after April.

If you took the climate of Iowa, cut out November through February, hooked October up to March, then made two Julys and two Augusts, you would have Mississippi. Here we’ve been getting into the 20’s at night and 50-60 in the day. In Dubuque today it was supposed to be something like -20. I don’t know if that actually happened.

Last Saturday I helped my father-in-law work on their deck. We took off about a third of the decking boards. The goal is to replace the supports that are rotten and redo the decking.