Estes Park Weather Station

February, 2007 For a number of reasons, financial, health and convenience, we have decided to sell our house in Estes Park and move to Ft. Collins. Here is a list of other weather sources for Estes Park and the surrounding area. This station will stay operational as long as possible.
Other weather sources:
We purchased our weather station equipment through American Weather Enterprises. We are using the Texas Weather Instruments Weather Report (WRL-25) system which includes sensors for indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity, rainfall, pressure, and wind speed/direction.

Our system is mounted on the roof of a single story building in a wooded residential area on the east side of Prospect Mountain (see the map link above).

Weather data comes into a 200mhz-Cyrix Linux system via regular RS-232 line from the weather station display box. After the html page is formatted, it is transferred through a dial-up connection to

A gzipped tar file containing the Perl and shell scripts that run the show is available. Let me know if you are interested.

The system has been operational since July 19, 1997.
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