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Pipe done

[Monday: 3 miles; Wednesday 3 miles; today: 4.3 miles]

Speaking of running, I finally feel like I’m close to recovered from the Senior Games. I don’t think I’ve ever had that long a recovery from any other race, even marathons.

Anyway, on the project front: today I finished connecting all of the PVC conduit for the garage electrification project. It goes from the box in the house basement, through the basement, out the wall, into the trench, out of the trench, through the garage wall, to the box on the wall in the garage. Maybe tomorrow we will pull the wires.

I’ve spent more time reading the book of Jonah. I find something new in it almost every time I look. The other day it was that last verse in chapter 3, (happy ending. But wait, there’s more!) followed by the first verse of chapter 4. The contrast.

And I’m still not sure what to make of chapter 4 as a whole. Why is this guy saying he just wants to die? Is he being dramatic or is he really suicidal or what?

Another thing I noticed the other day: The guy spends 3 days and nights in the dark and cold and wet, inside a fish. And he spends that time writing a song.

We’ve been having some strange radio station problems. The audio of our streaming system drops out multiple times a day for anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. I think I’m going to have to go down there and work on it. But I can’t go right now because the wife is traveling. When she gets back maybe I can make a 3 day weekend and zip down there.

One other update: regarding being a flunky at work.

We have a little “team” under my consulting-company boss. And the guy who was our “team leader” got hired on full time by the client company. So the boss asked if I wanted to be “team leader” which of course I don’t. But she said the only duty was to schedule a team meeting every month or so. So I told her I could do that. And that’s what has been happening for about 3 months.

Last week we had a severe weather drill. I strategically stayed home that day (and I had no reason to be at the office anyway).

But the boss told me that I had the additional duty of checking on the status of every person on the team during emergencies so that we (the consulting company) could account for everybody. It’s like, naw, now you’ve got me responsible for life and death information on the team. That’s exactly the kind of thing that I was happy to leave behind.

And of course there is no extra pay, no perks of any kind other than to be an upward shooting rockstar team player.

I’ve come –> <– that close to telling the boss I don’t want to be team leader. I’ve decided to wait until after my annual review next week before I do or don’t.