Mississippi running

Boardtown Runners

[Today’s run: Poorhouse Loop  8.8 miles]

On Saturday morning I try to get over to Starkville to run with the Boardtown Road Runners.  They are a very nice group of people and fun to run with.

The weekly route is determined by about Wednesday, so I check the website to see what we are doing.  Then show up on Saturday and away we go.  Usually we have from 2 to 3 water stops each week on a route from 8 to 15 miles.  Everything is all set up,  all I have to do is show up and run.  That is real luxury!

Today we did the Poorhouse Loop which is named after Poorhouse Road.  As far as I know the poorhouse itself is no longer in existence.  But there is a very fine equestrian center on Poorhouse Road.

Today was kind of rainy.  I ran with someone that usually is going a different speed than me.  But today we were in sync and had a great run.  And! I found a hammer-type  stapler along the road.  So not only did I get a great run but I scored some booty.